2tube is a free iOS and Android app that allows the user to easily view and compare one recorded video with another.

2Tube is also an open online course platform that caters to people that want to learn by mimicking the physical action of instructors. A user can also preview and download a course from the marketplace. Each course is a video of a trainer teaching some physical movement. The user watches the video on their phone, then records themselves performing the same action trying to mirror the instructor.

What is 2Tube?

2Tube is more than just a video recording app.

Pissing contests

Record yourself, then have someone else layer their performance over yours to compare.

Progress / Evolution Videos

Easily compare your recordings over time to see your evolution as a performer.

Personal Development / Courses

Download a course created by a 2Tube PRO who has a skill you want to acquire.

Course Market

Courses can be created by anyone by submitting your recording through the app.

Features & Details

Built for active people with an eye for excellence.

Buddy System

Recruit your buddy to set framing and record your performance using the rear-facing camera

Amazing Courses

Top movement specialists from across the globe post courses, all approved by the 2Tube team.

Unique Design

There's no other video recording platform with the unique 2Tube overlay screen.

Unlimited Attempts

Overlay as many attempts as you like over one another to see the evolution over time.

Any Orientation

Compare selfie videos as well as full landscape.


Upload and share your 2Tube videos on social networks.

Download & get moving today!




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